7 December 2011

Ghostly hopes

We had anticipated a much tighter timeframe but life and work got in the way, for both of us. And as it takes time to make a perfect, healthy baby, it takes time and meticulous planning, writing, editing and rerererereading to produce as perfect a book proposal and as perfect a first chapter as possible.

It is now done and on Monday the first email to the first agent on my list was sent.

It is with trepidation, emotion and anticipation that we are now waiting for a response. Will it ever arrive? Will it be positive?

We will soon send an email to a second agent, and then we’ll tackle the submissions by post, which are quite tricky as agents’ requirements vary enormously. And you don’t want to upset an agent from the word go. You want to do it all perfectly so that they don’t have a reason to reject your submission before they’ve even read ‘Dear So and so’.

It has taken a while to get to this point, but it is better to take your time and be precise and as perfect as you can, than rush and forget something or do things wrong.

Please please please don’t tell me there was a typo or an inconsistency…

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Agnes said...

Wow, wow, wow,wow, woooooww! Ma curiosite l'ayant emporte, je me suis dis ca fait 20 minutes de ca que j'allais prendre 5 minutes pour voir un peu avant de quitter le travail... ben 20 minutes plus tard, voila le resultat! Un sans faute et je n'arrive pas a m'en decoller! Well done bibiche! J'en suis a Avril 2011 ;-) The power of frienship hey!? Indeed! Amazing the people we meet sometimes... and the reasons we attribute to the meeting at the time... which 90% of the time turns out to be completely not those! Aaaahhh, life!!
Une fois de plus bravo ma cherie, je ne peux pas attendre de rentrer a la maison pour lire plus!